My Angels Gather Here is a fun and creative plush producer founded in 2015. It started as a hobby around 2012 and now we would like to meet with our followers here in internet.

All plushes and other items are hand knitted here in Turkey. You will see the best plush designs of joyful characters in all our items. We always strive to be outstanding, colorful and different than what you could have ever seen.

When we choose our materials, we focus on quality, design, durability and usability. All our plushes will have a long and good life with you and your loved ones. When you select our products, we are proud to have done our job well. We always use the best quality materials selected to serve a long life cycle.

Our collection initially consists of Pokémon plushes, Pusheen plushies, Plants and Zombies plush toys and Mario plushes. We have many more to come, just follow us. Although, we will not be a part of mass production. Producing with love and care is more our style.

As you can see, we are not after being a ‘company’. By producing awesome products for you, we will achieve our goal. You can contact us on anytime, and we’ll figure something out.

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